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On ABC News Lateline, reporter Norman Hermant explored how private developers can become involved in the NDIS housing market. Housing developer Grocon recently signed a contract with Summer Housing to build 11 apartments in a new medium density development in Melbourne.

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The journey to Summer Housing

A joint message from Di Winkler (Summer Foundation CEO and Founder) and Simon McKeon AO (Summer Housing Chair)

Young people with disability living in nursing homes are one of the most marginalised and isolated groups of people in our society. More than half of them (53%) receive a visit from a friend less than once a year. They generally lead impoverished lives, characterised by loneliness and boredom.

These problems affect more than 6,200 people under the age of 65 who are stuck in nursing homes. Another 200 people under 50 are admitted to nursing homes each year, where they live with people in their 80’s.