Social Investment

Impact investment has tremendous potential to improve society. Government and philanthropy alone do not have the resources required to address the social and environmental challenges in Australia. Social investment provides a different approach to solving social challenges using private capital for public good.

There is growing interest in social investment in Australia. There are a number of philanthropic trusts and high-wealth individuals with capital ready to invest in compelling social enterprises and projects. However, there is a limited pipeline of social investment opportunities in Australia.

Our innovative housing projects are based on years of practical experience and research, and provide that compelling story for potential investors.

We have been collaborating with a range of partners to develop a model of social finance with investors set to benefit from attractive project yields backed by the NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation payments and rental contributions from tenants.

Our aim is to provide a concrete example to the sector of what a “good practice” social investment model looks like to encourage the set up of similar models and increase the supply of accessible and affordable housing in Australia.

For further information on social investment please refer to:

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