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Hunter Housing Project wins the 2017 NSW Disability Inclusion Award

We are very excited to share the news that the Summer Foundation’s Hunter Housing Project (Belle Apartments) has won the 2017 NSW Disability Inclusion Award in the residential development category.

The award, presented by the Association of Consultants for Access in Australia (ACAA) in partnership with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), aims to recognise achievements in enabling people with disabilities to fully participate in community life through the creation of an accessible built environment.

The award has been presented for outstanding contribution in the field of Disability Access and Inclusion for the Hunter Housing Project.

The Hunter Housing Project comprises 10 apartments designed for people with disability, peppered throughout a 110 unit private development. The apartments have been designed to achieve Platinum level certification under Livable Housing Australia Design Guidelines and feature fully accessible bedrooms and bathrooms, open plan living including accessible balconies, and customisable kitchen and bathrooms.

The accessibility, adaptability and universal design elements of the apartments dramatically increase a person’s independence and quality of life. Centrally located, these apartments allow people with disability to actively participate in their community and to build and maintain relationships with family and friends.

The Hunter Housing Project has served as a model for Summer Housing’s ongoing development work. Similar accessible design features and assistive technology will be replicated in developments along Australia’s east coast.

This award recognises the many people who have worked diligently and passionately on this project.