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5 Minutes with Summer Housing Senior Development Manager, Clare Kwok

Summer Housing Senior Development Manager, Clare Kwok

1.     How long have you been with Summer Housing? Since September 2019

2.     What is your role? Senior Development Manager – my role ranges from project design feasibility, review of architectural components, managing handovers and assisting tenants with modifications. I ensure Summer Housing produces projects which deliver exceptional outcomes for all our various stakeholders.

3.     What do you love most about your job?

* Finding solutions to suit the needs of individuals

* Using my background and experience as an Architect to influence the outcome of a project, to ensure Summer Housing produces premium products for our future tenants. 

4.     What does a typical day look like? It always starts with a soy latte, followed by spending the next 10 minutes prioritising my to-do list for the day ahead. With a significant number of projects dispersed nationally, there’s a lot happening across different time zones.

5.     What is one story/moment in your job that really made you proud? 
There’s an increasing global desire to make everyday items accessible and I am excited to be part of that movement. It’s not always easy for interested tenants to attend an open house in person, so we’ve worked on ways to bring the apartment to them. In collaboration with our consultants @4dcollective, we created our personalised VR headset and setup a Virtual Reality tour to provide a convenient way for tenants to visualise their future home.

Another exciting moment has been working with the IKEA’s ThisAbles team to look at ways to use 3D printing to adapt a kitchen tap to suit our tenants. This collaborative approach has yielded a solution that can be implemented quickly and economically. We’re currently working on a prototype and I can’t wait to share this with you all. Stay tuned for further developments on this!