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Apartment Living

More Australians than ever are making the move to apartment living.

According to the 2016 census, Australia has seen rapid growth of apartment developments in metropolitan areas. In Greater Sydney, for example, medium and high-density dwellings represented around 44% of all housing, with 80,585 new apartments built from 2011-16. In Greater Melbourne, medium and high-density dwellings represent 33% of all housing with 66,331 new apartments built from 2011-16.

Apartments are generally more affordable than freestanding dwellings and are typically developed in well-located metropolitan areas near established infrastructure. As such, apartments are a cost-effective and scalable SDA solution that provide secure, affordable and accessible housing for people with disability. In many metropolitan areas, it would not be economically feasible or practically viable to secure new larger freestanding dwellings or townhouses for people with disability with comparable amenity and access to services.

At the centre of Summer Housing’s model is the desire to provide a platform for younger people with disability to live ordinary lives. The design of apartments is aimed at contemporary living, applying a modern aesthetic and meeting mainstream expectations for residential design. Functional apartment design and connectivity to local amenities and services are paramount.

Through the provision of stable accommodation, customised to individual needs and 24/7 on-site concierge services, the housing model aims to provide privacy and a sense of normalcy, fostering independence and capacity building.

The shared support model allows tenants to select a trusted Supported Independent Living (SIL) service provider to deliver back-up assistance on site, if and when it is required.

This service gives tenants and loved ones peace of mind, while ensuring a cost-effective model that provides round-the-clock support for multiple tenants. Shared support also reduces reliance and costs associated with planned support services and provides flexibility to tenants in the choice and control of their schedules and lifestyle.

With NDIS funding and third-party investment, Summer Housing’s model delivers better lives for tenants as well as long-term savings for the NDIS and broader community.