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Design In Detail: Automated Door Entry

Automated Door Entry

The entry doors to each of our tenant apartments are automated from the outset. This allows our tenants to be able to easily and independently open and close entry doors to their apartments. The use of this technology provides tenants with greater control of their home environment by being able to enter and exit as they wish, as well as letting visitors and support staff in. This also increases independence by reducing their reliance on support staff or family.

The entry doors also have an electric strike system as a safety precaution. In the event of an emergency such as a fire alarm triggering, the front entry doors are automatically unlocked but remain closed to keep out any smoke or flames. This allows support staff or the fire brigade to freely enter and help the tenants evacuate, if required.

 Shannyn Higgins Photography –  @shannynhiggins

Automated apartment doors, showing internal wall button for automatic door opening and typical door automation hardware (above).