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Design In Detail: Heat-Proof Tray

Heat-Proof Tray

Summer Housing designs are not just based on accessibility, but also safety and ergonomics. Our design solutions aim to empower tenants to be more independent and involved in their daily tasks, including food preparation.

Our apartments include a wall-mounted oven to allow easier access for all people. This means that the oven is positioned at a height that allows safe operation without having to bend, or be too low for a wheelchair user. As part of this detail, we’ve considered how our tenants would best use the space and therefore have included heat-proof trays.

Installed under the oven as a pull-out drawer, the heat-proof tray provides additional direct transfer space for a person with limited hand/arm strength or core strength and mobility. The heat-proof tray allows a space you can roll under and slide heavy or hot objects in or out of the oven.

Important considerations:

  • Inclusion of a low front lip, to help stop items sliding forward (onto a wheelchair user’s lap).
  • Approximately 140kg loading capacity to provide support if leant upon.
  • A level surface when extended.
  • A ‘stop’ function to prevent the tray from falling out (and possible hot contents spilling onto a wheelchair user’s lap).

Below you can see how the heat-proof trays are cleverly integrated within the kitchen of some of our apartments. This will make it easy and safe for a person to remove hot items from the oven and for temporary placement of hot pots and pans, also minimising the chance of spillage and burns.