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Design In Detail: Pedestal Pod Paver System

Level Threshold to External Spaces

Level access to external areas are important not only for those using wheelchairs, but also for those who are ambulant and may use different mobility aids or have supports to ensure a safe environment for all. Little lips or changes in flooring can be a trip hazard for anyone.  There are many ways to achieve level access, but we particularly like using pedestal pod paver systems.

Not only are these easily retrofittable to balcony areas with a more traditional hob design to allow seamless access across threshold, it also allows water to drain without pooling on the balcony or having water ingress with rain and wind. 

As the tiles or pavers are suspended, the natural gaps between the pavers allows water to drain to a central drainage point on the balcony. 

This also means it’s an easy system to maintain, repair or replace. The important thing to consider in apartments is that if you have a balustrade, ensure you measure your balustrade heights from the top of the pavers to ensure it complies with Building Code of Australia requirements.