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Design In Detail: Concierge Communication System

All of our tenants have access to the 24-hour on-site shared Concierge support, to live in their apartments safely.

The on-site Concierge is staffed by one member to be shared by the 10 tenants. The Concierge operates 24/7 with a staff member awake overnight and available when tenant’s call; whether it be to assist with retrieving a dropped item, or to assist in a medical episode.

This staff member is located in the same building but in a separate apartment. Tenants are able to call for assistance from the Concierge provider as required, using communication devices, thereby allowing them to maintain independence and privacy in their own apartment.

In our apartments, we have installed sophisticated technology to offer our tenants, numerous ways to call for help and contact this shared support, providing greater flexibility and peace of mind. These include:

  • Pendants – as a simple button pendant that is mobile and can be on a lanyard or wrist strap for portability,
  • Tablets – allowing larger customisable interfaces that may be easier to operate by persons with low dexterity,
  • Wall buttons – emergency alarms available to tenants and staff,
  • Voice activated microphones and speakers, such as Alexa – allows tenants to call for help, especially if they’re away from physical devices or cannot press buttons.

By accommodating different needs, the devices can be customised to how each person communicates.

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