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Designing for Inclusion and Independence

Designing for Inclusion and Independence – An Explanatory Guide to support the Briefing and Design of Accessible Housing is Summer Housing’s first publication.

Designing for Inclusion and Independence aims to support stakeholders in the briefing, design and specification of high quality accessible housing. The guide is a practical resource that includes the following features:

  • Background information and provisions in the one resource
  • Explanatory information and examples to aid understanding
  • Separate sections for different design stages, such as planning or detailed design stages
  • Separate parts for particular building professionals, such as interiors, technology, fire safety etc.
  • Key provisions presented as ‘checklists’, with further information presented as ‘practice tips’
  • Inclusion of current design benchmarks: Livable Housing Australia (Platinum Level) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (High Physical Support), as well as further provisions aimed at best practice

The guide is made up of six parts. Download the relevant section below:

This section provides a brief introduction to the issue of accessible housing within Australia, drawing attention to key structures and resources.

SH Design Guide – Introduction

This section suggests provisions for consideration during early planning stages.

SH Design Guide – Part A: Spatial Planning – Typology

This section steps through the material building elements in a dwelling, which are applied across multiple spaces.

SH Design Guide – Part C: Construction and Detailing – Building Elements

This section steps through the key systems in a dwelling where access features may need integration.

SH Design Guide – Part D: Construction and Detailing – System Elements

This section includes supplementary information that supports the provisions suggested within this guide. It is intended this section will be added to over time, including topical information on specific design issues within accessible housing e.g. ceiling hoist selection, tempering of hot water, etc.

SH Design Guide – Appendices

View the Designing for Inclusion and Independence guide in its entirety.

SH Design Guide – Complete