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Highline, Westmead – a hidden gem in Western Sydney

In terms of lifestyle, you couldn’t be better positioned. Boasting fantastic access to public transport, beautiful parklands and close proximity to one of the largest hospitals in NSW, life at Highline, Westmead could not get any better for our tenant, Nio.

Recently, Summer Housing’s Tenancy Support Manager, Emma Smith (E) met up with Nio to chat about his SDA journey and share what this experience has meant for him.

This is what he had to say:

1. E: How did you first find out about Summer Housing?

N: My sister was at a disability expo and it was there that she learnt about the Housing Hub. She told me that I should look it up, so I went online and got in touch with Summer Housing to find out more about Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

2. E: What was your initial reaction/feeling when you first saw your new home?

N: It was great! I was excited to finally have somewhere I could actually access and be independent again. For the last 2 years, having someone constantly around me started to affect me mentally, so it’s an amazing feeling to finally be able to have the space I needed away from people.

3. E: Why did you choose Highline, Westmead over other properties? What key features (amenities, location, community vibe, etc) drew you to the property?

N: I chose Highline over other properties because it’s in the centre of Sydney and close to the hospital. The key features I love about this property is the pool; roof top garden and terrace and the floor to ceiling windows.

4. E: What do you love most about living in Highline, Westmead?

N: Everything – the location; the ease to access the apartment and the home automation throughout the apartment

5. E: Describe in one sentence what life is like living in Highline, Westmead?

N: Fantastic! I’m able to live independently, and with 24/7 support care close by if I need any assistance

6. E: What advice would you give to others who are looking to take the step towards finding SDA housing?

N: Give it a try. Initially I was unsure, however with the help of my sister and especially the support received by Summer Housing, it was easier than I thought. It was a long process but it was definitely worth giving it a go.